Water is essential for life. No one on planet Earth can survive without it. Nearly two in ten people in the world have no source of safe drinking water. By 2050, at least one in four people is likely to live in a country affected by chronic or recurring shortages of freshwater (as per UN World Water Development Report).

In December 2003, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 2005-2015 as international decade for action 'Water for Life', with an objective to promote the efforts to fulfill international commitments on water. Now there are continued post-decade actions.

I joined the campaign in July, 2014 as logo member from China. Since then, I have actively been working with UN Water on post-decade actions worldwide.

Please watch my video on Home Page – message during culmination of the campaign at New York.


During my engineering studies at Duke University, I co-founded a start-up on Drone battery technology – VOLTABASE, in October, 2017.

VOLTABASE was a solution to address the battery inefficiency of multirotor drones in aviation technology. There is one key problem uniting all drones - a frustratingly short battery life. We prototyped and developed a drone base that would charge, store, and automatically hot-swap drone batteries with full ones, all in under 2 minutes and with no human intervention. 

We had reached in Round 2 of the Duke Startup Challenge 2017-2018.


This NGO-run school is located in the foothills of the Himalayas in Rudrapur, India. The school has 1,600+ students. There was a time when most of the students came from the families earning less than $2 a day. The situation has been turned around today and most of the students are no more in this income bracket.

I had raised environmental awareness among these students in June, 2013 and encouraged the students to start awareness programs in their community. The students were curious and determined to get connected to the global actions. Consequently, a global community got founded.

Since then, I have been working with this school. The projects are focused on environmental awareness and economic development now.

A decade ago, the students who undertook the projects are well settled in their lives and supporting the other students of this school. They are the true ambassadors of a sustainable change in their society.


Do people know how to do exercises correctly? Can technology guide and train?

This was the theme I had in mind while co-founding another start-up on smart wearable devices in August, 2018.

We had built the prototype that would use machine learning to identify your exercise and act as a digital trainer AI. But there was a gap between usefulness to a user and what problem it solved that other products couldn’t? Actually, we had built a solution without a problem! We narrowed down the market segment to physical therapy field. We met the physical therapists and further narrowed down the market and eventually discovered our target customers – women going through physical therapy post-pregnancy who are performing Kegel exercises.

Digital Trainer was a tremendous entrepreneurial experience for me during my studies. The viability of the product and right market segment are as critical as the cutting-edge technology in a venture.


I have been providing voluntary advising to DIGITAL PAANI on software architecture and design of the products since 2020.

Digital Paani is a Delhi based start-up which is building cutting-edge IoT and digital management tools which redesign wastewater operations. This helps to protect natural resources and build clean cities with abundant water.

The IOT-powered platform automates plants, comprehensively detects issues using custom-made sensors and 75+ algorithms, launches automated workflows for service teams, and gives maintenance recommendations.

Energy Smart Campus

Dalian American International School (DAIS) was building a new campus for the Elementary School at the existing campus in Jinshitan, Golden Pebble Beach, Dalian, China. DAIS is always supportive of the innovative ways to optimize energy resources as well as spreading awareness among the youngsters.

I undertook a research project – Energy Smart Campus that explore the energy generation and energy conservation of the new building.

Energy Smart Campus focuses on the two aspects of the new building – Energy Saving by installing energy efficient Fenestration Products (such as windows); Energy Generation by installing Solar Panels. By introducing these two aspects of Energy, we shall turn our campus to Energy Smart Campus.

As part of the project, I worked with solar panel companies and industrial experts who assisted me with the development of product and procurement checklists, capacity calculations, and installation guides. Our school implemented my solution and installed the solar panels. 

WE (Water Experience) Week with THIRST and UNESCO at Beijing, China

A 3-day event organized by THIRST and supported by UNESCO and Indi Tex consisting of Water Conservation seminars, largest human-dragon formation in the world (as confirmed by the Guinness Book Of World Records) and Business/ Environment Leader’s Roundtable with students, national media and virtual participants from China in November, 2013. I was one among the six panelists during the Leader’s roundtable and a key member of all the other activities.

Yellow Sea Beach Clean-up

The Beach Cleanup is a collaborative event organized by the students of Dalian American International School, China. The core objective of the program is to enhance the awareness among the nearby schools in Golden Pebble Beach area (Yellow Sea) and the community about the scale and serious consequences of the beach debris.

I co-founded this event in 2011 and since then, the Clean-up event has been organized in Dalian as an overall community program

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