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ARROYO is an instrumental music album for seven great rivers of the world.

Shreya Singh conceptualized and composed this music on Yamaha key-board and Synthesizer (Motif XF8). It is a unique fusion of regional music where a particular river flows, and medium & fast paced beats with river water sounds. Each of the seven tracks creates a feeling of an excursion through the river.

Shreya dedicates this work to all of our rivers which shaped the humanity and civilization. Today, our rivers are facing crises and some of the rivers are endangered. It is the responsibility of everyone to save our rivers and protect the water.

ARROYO is not just a collection of music. It is the Global Voice to appreciate our Rivers and protect the Water. Without Rivers and Water, there is no life.

The word “ARROYO” is a synonym for River

Individually we can make a difference
but together, we can change the World!

Shreya Singh

At the age of 5, my fingers for the first time felt the touch of the keys on a Casio Keyboard. Then in 2006, my family moved from India to China, which was another step moving forward my musical journey when I started composing music on Yamaha Key-board and Synthesizers. I lived an interesting life in Dalian, China for ~10 years at theconfluence of rich cultures.

I am an Electrical and Computer Engineer from Duke University, Durham, US. I have been working in Los Angeles and now, Toronto, Canada. At the same time, I have been actively involved in water and environmental protection activities across the world.

I strongly believe that an early-stage awareness works faster and deeper.

Through my environmental projects in high-school days, I thought of River Water as the global resource which belongs to everyone in the world.

Thus, ARROYO took shape and sound.


ARROYO was launched on September 09, 2013 at Beijing, China The event was organized with an NGO – THIRST. The event was joined by numerous people from different field including attendees of the World Economic Forum.

The album was launched by Ms. Mina Guli (CEO & Founder, THIRST) and Dr. Kurt Nordness (Director, Dalian American International School in 2013).

I have been distributing ARROYO freely in the world – to schools, students, NGOs, institutions, business leaders, and anyone who is concerned. You can also download freely from here.

ARROYO touches the emotions of the people and inspire them to remember rivers and save water! You can use the music for any of your programs, as long as it saves our water.

The impact is more powerful among the youngsters and their parents. So far, ~15,000+ have been influenced worldwide; the number goes up every day!

Arroyo Tracks


Twain' s Life on the Mississippi


The longest lifeline at Sahara


Amazonas becomes the keeper of world's water


Lord Shiva brings Ganga from the Heaven to the Earth


Chambeshi gives rise to Congo to meet Atlantic


From Black Forest to the Black Sea


Chang Jiang's Journey to the East

Bonus Track

The World Has Changed


Our Inspirations


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